With ample of smartphones being flooded in the market almost every month, how can you decide which is the right one for you? These days, the customers have a large number of options having cutting edge designs, remarkable features, and exciting specs.

Presently, the best smartphones by Vivo have surely attracted consumers across the world. However, one must have an idea about the features that must be looked for when investing in a smartphone. So, the following guide with the best features to look out for will help you in making your selection process much easier and effective!

Screen Resolution

Today, manufacturers put great emphasis on display of the smartphones and obviously for the good reasons. After all, the display is likely the first and foremost thing that you will see when you will turn on your screen. Therefore, importance is given not only on screen’s size, but also on its quality. The two essential factors that decide the quality are display technology and resolution.

Screen resolution is amount of the pixels in screen. More number of pixels will lead to much clearer display. A higher resolution display will allow you to see on screen with clarity and detail. While buying a smartphone, you can pick the one having resolution of around 1280×720 or even higher than this.

Software features

People are captivated with awesome features and it is sensible enough! As a result, OnePlus crammed its smartphones with all kinds of enchanting features. It should be noted here that those features must align with your requirements.

The latest phones will have most productive and latest features. You can also check out the video demonstrations of features of the phone you are considering to learn whether they are useful to you or not. It is even important to analyse your needs.


Storage space is one of the most important and imperative features of any smartphone. The price will change drastically between the different storage levels. However, if you are already on budget, picking up the version having least amount of the space will likely be a feasible option.

Furthermore, you can even buy a smartphone having expandable storage. Buying extra storage will be relatively cheap. Many of the smartphones provide 32 GB or even more of the expandable storage. So, it is not required to buy the one with lot of internal storage.

Build and design

While manufacturers are always flaunting the design of their phones to the customers, does it really matter to the consumers? The design of the phone isn’t quite necessary for all of the users since they may buy cases to withstand impacts and drops for protecting their phones.

However, buying a large case may cover almost the entire phone and that may actually defeat the real purpose of investing in a phone having exceptional design. However, if you are a kind of person that don’t drop phones and endears design, you can invest in a magnificent phone.

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