The idea of backing up files to the cloud in 2008 was a bit, excessive, to say the least. For the general consumer, backing up files in this way was weirdly unnecessary considering the ease of use of flash drives and even email. Email is its own cloud backup, but that is beside the point here.

Interestingly, Apple pressed on with a major launch of mobileMe in 2008, which was itself a rebranding of something that came out in 2000 called iTools. The iTools protocol barely made a splash.

Innovating a System

The mobileMe service was again rebranded to a behemoth in the modern technology world. The mobileMe platform became iCloud, and the service now dominates any conversation regarding public and mainstream cloud service use.

The iCloud platform is a juggernaut. Though it seems obvious, this dominance was not apparent as the Internet aged into teenagehood. The iCloud platform allows users to seamlessly add content to the service without it ever remaining a burden on their hard drive or physical storage capacity.

The two most common uses of iCloud, in the early stages of its third iteration branding, was music storage and photograph storage. Both of these elements have grown into their own in the iCloud service platform. Photographs have been exemplified through the Photo Stream service.

Photos and Music

Photo Stream is built on syncing. The folder stores all photographs in a separate folder. Users can then sync the photos from any selected device. Any photos captured are sync to the cloud, making the photographs accessible from any device that connects to the respective account.

A concern here is waiting, but this is not an issue. The iCloud photo Stream saves smaller versions of the photographs so they take up less data while allowing users to download many at a time where they want them.

The music system is similar. The Apple Music platform is an excellent addition and connection to the iCloud service by syncing libraries. iTunes is obviously still a major player here. Whether it is Photo Stream or iTunes music integration, the platform is seamlessly integrated. Visit for more on building an iCloud account.